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Home Inspection Information for Buyers in Barrie, Ontario

Tony Muscat of Inch by Inch Home Inspections offers Home Inspections in Barrie & area

So your offer has been accepted and your financing is in place. It's wise to make your purchase conditional on the home passing a professional home inspection. As Certified Home inspector in Barrie, Tony Muscat will make a detailed inspection of the property you are buying, making use of the newest technology to do so. When you receive the Inch by Inch Inspection home inspection report, you and your real estate agent will have the opportunity to discuss how required repairs, if any, may affect the sale price that was agreed upon. Call on Tony Muscat at Inch by Inch Inspections for your Home Inspection in Barrie today!

Professional Home Inspectors in Barrie, Mold & Air Quality Inspectors

Commercial Mold Removal & Residential Mold Removal in Barrie Ontario

Inch By Inch Home Inspections in Barrie is your best choice for Commercial Mold Removal & Residential Mold Removal. For Mold or Air Quality Inspectors, call on Inch by Inch Inspections. Mold & mildew growth is encouraged by warm and humid conditions, although it can grow during cold weather. Mold can be present in dead organic material such as wood, paper or fabrics and some synthetic products such as paints and adhesives. Small amounts of mold growth in workplaces or homes (such as mildew on a shower curtain) are not a major concern, however, no mold should be allowed to grow and multiply indoors. Large quantities of mold growth may cause nuisance odors and health problems for some people. Professionals who are experienced with mold issues and familiar with current guidelines must conduct all sampling. Tony Muscat at Inch By Inch Inspections in Barrie is a Professional Inspector with Inch by Inch Inspections will help you breathe fresh air. To begin with, what is required to evaluate the air you breathe is called an "Indoor Air Quality Assessment". It could include a simple laboratory report of the degree of contamination of an area inside of your residence or place of work.

Air Quality Inspections by Inch by Inch Inspections in Barrie Ontario

Mold or Air Quality Inspectors & Air Quality Testing in Barrie

Inch by Inch Inspections in Barrie provides professional, feasible solutions to fix poor Air Quality. Air Quality Testing in Barrie has never been so quick, and affordable. The air you breathe inside your home or office should not make you sick and the condition is preventable by identifying the contaminants and their causes. Air Sampling in Barrie is therefore the first step in solving the causes of poor air quality. The contaminants that Inch by Inch Inspections tests for vary and depend on the environment we find in your home or offices. Inch by Inch Inspections in Barrie. Mould is the number one cause for triggering allergies for some people and symptoms may include nausea, stuffiness, and eye irritation. Additional conditions I look for are poor air circulation inside your home, especially if it has been built within the last ten years. Higher than normal levels of carbon dioxide can also produce symptoms such as shortness of breath and nausea all because there is a lack of outside air entering your home. When you are faced with a mould or mildew problem in your Barrie home or business, trust Inch by Inch Inspections. Tony Muscat can identify & rectify mould, asbestos, bacteria, high levels of CO2 and more. If you need home inspectors in Barrie, Woodbridge, Maple or Concord, please contact Inch by Inch Inspections for quality and ethical service at a reasonable cost by Tony Muscat.

Home Inspections, Asbestos & Grow Op Detections in Barrie, Ontario

Inch By Inch Inspections offers Infared Technology in Barrie

Every year across Canada hundreds of home owners and companies rent out their homes or buildings to immoral people who quickly turn your place into a Grow-Op Home. In a very short time these locations are quickly transformed into overwhelming hot and steamy environments, ideal for marijuana plants to grow in and mold to thrive. Modern Grow-Op detection in Barrie includes hiring a certified thermal imaging inspector to come through your home with an infrared camera. This is one of the most interesting and revealing experiences a home owner could have! This well-known system detects the Infra-red signatures of high heat sources, associated with the metal-hydride lights used in large grow operations. For this & other inquires such as general inspections, asbestos remediation and more, ask Tony from Inch By Inch Inspections for a quote today on a Barrie home inspections. For Mold or Air Quality Inspections, we are the local inspectors to call on!

Commercial Inspections in Barrie ON by Inch by Inch Inspections

Tony Muscat is your Professional Home Inspector in Barrie, ON

Infrared Thermography technology is a great option for an inspection, as the Inspector can then find many flaws not visible to the naked eye. Tony Muscat of Inch by Inch Inspections is committed to providing the best possible service with the latest technology in inspecting. Inch by Inch Inspections has experience in inspecting commercial buildings. As a Commercial Building Inspector in Barrie, Tony Muscat is committed to providing the best possible service at a competitive price. Inch by Inch Inspections has been providing Professional Home Inspection services to the Barrie area for years. Our commercial inspections include, but are not limited to; exterior, structure, electrical, plumbing, interior, and roofing. Inch by Inch Inspections provide recommendations for maintenance, repair, and component replacement, identifying material defects on the exterior, the interior and major systems of the unit and more.

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